No-Knead Bread Recipe

This sourdough recipe will yield artisan loafs without any kneading. I have combined a no-knead bread technique from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff HertzBerg and Zoe Francois with the ingredients and techniques from a Wild Yeast Blog post on Norwich Sourdough. The Norwich Sourdough inclusion of rye flour gives the loaves an extra bite complimentary to the tangy sourdough, all without ever needing to touch the dough. The hands-on time spent actually paying attention to these loaves is minimal making this recipe a low commitment, but yields delicious results.

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Plain Kombucha Recipe

I adopted this recipe from here which has led to at least a dozen successful batches. The plain kombucha will take about 2 weeks to complete at room temperature.

Plain Kombucha

Makes 1 gallon


  • 3 1/2 quarts water
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 4 bags black tea (or 1 tablespoons loose tea)
  • 4 bags green or herbal tea (or 1 tablespoon loose tea)
  • 2 cups pre-made unflavored kombucha (from your last homemade batch or store-bought)
  • 1 scoby


  1. Bring the water to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in the sugar to dissolve. Steep tea until the water has cooled.

  2. Once the tea is cool, remove the tea bags. Stir in the pre-made kombucha.

  3. Pour the mixture into a 1-gallon glass jar and gently slide the scoby on top with clean hands. Cover the mouth of the jar with a few layers of cheesecloth or paper towels secured with a rubber band.

  4. Keep the fermenting kombucha at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and where it won’t get jostled. Ferment for 7 to 10 days, or until taste is desired.

  5. Remove the scoby. Measure out your starter tea from this batch of kombucha to be added to the next batch.

  6. Stir kombucha to distribute leftover scoby fragments. Add the kombucha to bottles. Leave about an inch of head room in each bottle. Store the bottled kombucha at room-temperature out of direct sunlight and allow 1 to 3 days for the kombucha to carbonate.

  7. Refrigerate once carbonated.

Problems? This troubleshooting guide has many answers.

Rye Tripel

A little birdie recently told me that a Tripel actually refers to triple the malt of the Trappist “Simple”. Triple the malt we shall have.

This Tripel will emerge in the late winter as a hearty reminder of the warmth to come. The predicted 8-9\% ABV will keep the body warm as we claim the outdoors once again, while the lighter body of the Tripel will remind the consumer of the promised summer. Rye malt will polish the Tripel’s body with a spicy overtone. Tettnang aroma hops complete the Rye Tripel with an earthy compliment.

Find the recipe here, and the brew log here.


When you need to face the frigid air outside, one seeks a bold beverage. One seeks a beverage similar to a meal and enough alcohol to dilate your blood vessels. One seeks a Barleywine.

I’m fueling my obsession with rye. This American Barleywine will have a lighter body than an English, have slightly spicy mouthfeel from the rye, and lemony aroma from Amarillo hops. American Ale Wyeast will bring the Barleywine to fruition at 9% ABV.

Find the recipe here, and the brew log here.

Birds-Eye-Maple Jewelry Box

The Box

A few years ago I built a jewelry box out of Bird’s-Eye Maple and cherry as a gift. The rounded sides and lid frame the hand-carved Celtic knot as the focus of the box. The design is minimalist, yet elegant. Three compartments await inside the box, along with a padded tray which rests atop the back compartment.

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Miter Saw Tables

Rolling Miter Saw Table

I designed and built a portable steel-frame miter-saw table for use in the Macalester College Theater Department Scene Shop. The table is 6$\ft$ long, capable of extending to 12$\ft$ with folding extensions. I installed a quick-access trash cut-out for discarding small scraps immediately after cutting. The table allows the saw to operate at the full range of its original miter angles. A vacuum below with a smart switch turns on whenever the miter saw is used, limiting the amount of sawdust. The table frame is steel mounted on four casters.

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More Mint Kombucha

Kombucha with Muerh Mint Tea

Today I bottled my first batch of mint kombucha. It was a total success. The mint adds a refreshing zing.


  1. Fermented the scoby on 9/27 with 3.5 Qrts water steeped in 4 bags of Irish Breakfast, 4 tsp of muerh mint tea and 1 C sugar.

Mint Kombucha

Kombucha with Herbal Mint Tea

I used some type of mint tea, Muerh mint? I suppose I’m not hopeful about this Kombucha.


  1. Fermented the scoby on 9/18 with 3.5 Qrts water steeped in 4 bags of Irish Breakfast, 4 tsp of muerh mint tea and 1 C sugar.

  2. Bottled on 9/27. Good balance of sweet and vinegary. The mint adds a smooth refreshing flavor to the kombucha. Definitely will be doing this in the future again.