No-Knead Bread Recipe

This sourdough recipe will yield artisan loafs without any kneading. I have combined a no-knead bread technique from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff HertzBerg and Zoe Francois with the ingredients and techniques from a Wild Yeast Blog post on Norwich Sourdough. The Norwich Sourdough inclusion of rye flour gives the loaves an extra bite complimentary to the tangy sourdough, all without ever needing to touch the dough. The hands-on time spent actually paying attention to these loaves is minimal making this recipe a low commitment, but yields delicious results.

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Candles need a home come time for 25th of Kislev, the beginning of Hanukkah. And what better home than a unified carving of sugar maple and white oak?

This menorah grasps an ordered natural character. The compliment of curves between the base and the legs of the menorah suggest the menorah grew out of its volition, while the symmetry of the base and legs tame the foundation. The expansive negative space promoted by the legs demonstrates the strength of the natural architecture. The arch gives purpose to the growth of the legs. The waving edge-on grains in the arch characterize the menorah as an elegant individual, prepared for eight days of light.

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Birds-Eye-Maple Jewelry Box

A few years ago I built a jewelry box out of Bird’s-Eye Maple and cherry as a gift. The rounded sides and lid frame the hand-carved Celtic knot as the focus of the box. The design is minimalist, yet elegant. Three compartments await inside the box, along with a padded tray which rests atop the back compartment.

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Rolling Miter Saw Steel Table

I designed and built a portable steel-frame miter-saw table for use in the Macalester College Theater Department Scene Shop. The table is 6$\ft$ long, capable of extending to 12$\ft$ with folding extensions. I installed a quick-access trash cut-out for discarding small scraps immediately after cutting. The table allows the saw to operate at the full range of its original miter angles. A vacuum below with a smart switch turns on whenever the miter saw is used, limiting the amount of sawdust. The table frame is steel mounted on four casters.

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Cherry Shaving Brush Stand

My shaving brush was not drying entirely between uses; the solution: hang it upside down. I recycled some scrap cherry and maple in the burn pile to make a modern stand about 5 inches tall to hold my shaving brush upside down.

Kegerator Fan

Today I installed a fan into my new kegerater.

A fan helps maintain a constant temperature throughout the fridge. The converted chest freezer I am using cools the fridge with plates on the outside. The air is quite stagnant in the fridge, so the cool air settles to the bottom. This can create a temperature gradient of the beer within the keg, leading to foamy pours. The first pour is a little foamy right now.

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