Building this blog locally

Building this blog locally
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Install Packages

Jekyll runs on ruby. Get the ruby development library:

  sudo dnf install ruby-devel

Make sure you have the C compiler:

  sudo dnf group install "C Development Tools and Libraries"

Ensure that your Fedora image contains the redhat-rpm-config package necessary for your gcc compiler:

  sudo dnf install redhat-rpm-config

Install Gems

Clone the repository

  git clone [email protected]:ezbc/

Install jekyll and bundler gems

  gem install jekyll bundler

Change directories to the site project and install the site gems with:

  bundle install

Make sure the following line is in _config.yaml so that the installed dependencies from bundle are ignored while building the site:

  exclude [env]

Now serve the site locally at default port 4000:

  bundle exec jekyll serve 

Hopefully you will see the site at (http://localhost:4000)[http://localhost:4000]