1D and 2D Background Fits
By Elijah Bernstein-Cooper, June 29, 2015, 0 comments.

Below are background subtracted images of California, Using a simple mean offset, and a 2D spline fit. The regions outlined in white in the top panel represent the background regions used to fit the intercept and spline.

1D Fit

2D Fit

Here are the resulting likelihoods using the 2D background subtraction…something is wrong. At least the intercept is positive!

Relationship Between Planck, 2MASS, and Lee+12

Below are relationships between Jouni Kainulainen’s 2MASS, Planck , and Lee+12 maps. The red lines are linear fits to the relationships. The black lines represent 1 uncertainties. For all three clouds, there is at least a 25% offset from Planck with 2MASS.




We can see below that the Planck map is offset from the Lee+12 map by mag. This makes sense, since Lee+12 subtracted a background from Perseus.