Sternberg Summary
By Elijah Bernstein-Cooper, February 20, 2015, 0 comments.


Summary of Sternberg et al. (2014)

The main predictor of \( \Sigma_{HI} \) and is the ratio of the free space FUV field intensity to the gas density, i.e. dissociation rate / $H_2$ formation rate. Next predictors are metallicity and dust-to-gas mass ratio.

\[ \Sigma_{test} \]

  1. Normalize UV radiation field with $H_2$ dissociation rate. Define derivative of dissociation bandwidth as the $H_2$ self-shielding function.

  2. Define FUV opacity of dust grains and $H_2$ formation rate on dust. Dust-to-gass mass ratio scales linearly with metallicity.

  3. Define differentiable EQ of depth-dependent steady-state $HI / H_2$ formation/destruction. $H_2$-dust-limited dissociated bandwidth defined.

  4. Integrate diff EQ to get HI column density.