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Welcome to the website of Elijah Z. Bernstein-Cooper.

You will quickly find that I pursue a diverse set of interests. The common theme amongst all of my endeavors however, is the attention to quality.

Curiosity drives my pursuit to develop questions, models, or code. Explore this site and you'll see diversity in my explorations of data science. Visit my blogs on different data science projects, or explore the extensive Python code I've developed to accomplish various projects.

I outline my steps to predict user interest in traveling for Air B&B. I adopt a neural network regression routine in Python to predict which country a user will travel to next.

Map of dust of three molecular clouds in our own galaxy. Adopted Bayesian priors to identify the dense cores shown as white crosses.

Outlines steps to build this site locally on Fedora with Jekyll.
Show the status and branch of your git repo by the color of bash prompt.

Various Python modules for plotting, data analysis, and data reduction.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Kombucha from a couple weeks ago was a complete success. The drink was the right amount of vinegary and sweet. It was well carbonated. After about two days, the ginger flavor kicked in. I definitely need to make some more.

Table of Contents

In 2012 I adopted plans for an Art & Crafts Rocking Chair from Popular Mechanics for a tech theater woodworking project. Below are images of chair itself.

Yeast Starter

Tomorrow I will be brewing a session IPA. See the Brewtoad Recipe. It’s a simple beer.

Omitting Variance Estimation of Binned Images

Variability in Between Code Edits

Faint Masking Results

Faint Masking

Recipe originally from here. But this recipe is convoluted, so this post summarizes the steps. I’ve also adjusted the recipe slightly to remove the ginger chunks from the tea.

Test with mock data

We are continuing to test the derived intercept as outlined in the previous post