Kombucha with Herbal Tea
By Elijah Bernstein-Cooper, September 9, 2015, 0 comments.

Kombucha with Herbal Tea

I am thinking of making a lavender kombucha. After some research though I discovered that many of the scoby’s nutrients come from the oxidization of tea leaves, i.e., green or black tea. One source suggests I may use up to 75% herbal tea and still have a healthy scoby. I’ll try 50% herbal, and 50% black tea.

New Batch

I immediately contradicted myself. I brewed a batch with about 40% black tea and 60% herbal.


  1. Fermented the scoby on 9/9 with 3.5 Qrts water steeped in 3 bags of darjeeling, 4 tsp of ginger tea and 1 C sugar.

  2. Bottled on 9/18. Good balance of sweetness with vinegar. The ginger tea shines through as a slight bite.