Find the recipe here, and the brew log here.

I adopted this recipe from here which has led to at least a dozen successful batches. The plain kombucha will take about 2 weeks to complete at room temperature.

A little birdie recently told me that a Tripel actually refers to triple the malt of the Trappist “Simple”. Triple the malt we shall have.

When you need to face the frigid air outside, one seeks a bold beverage. One seeks a beverage similar to a meal and enough alcohol to dilate your blood vessels. One seeks a Barleywine.

Kombucha with Muerh Mint Tea

Kombucha with Herbal Mint Tea

I’m in search of a simple, light-bodied beer. Smash beer it is. One can learn a lot about the effect of a single hop type and yeast with a smash beer.

Kombucha with Herbal Tea

I’m aiming for a fall beer. So it’ll be a dunkelweizen!

I’m brewing an oatmeal stout tomorrow in order to have dinner on the go during the winter. Since I know little about oatmeal stouts, I’ll be using a recipe aimed to reproduce Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout.

Today I installed a fan into my new kegerater.

Here is the original all-grain recipe which I reformatted into a Brewtoad recipe. If ever I come across this German Gose I will be sure to take notes.

The Finished product

The Kombucha from a couple weeks ago was a complete success. The drink was the right amount of vinegary and sweet. It was well carbonated. After about two days, the ginger flavor kicked in. I definitely need to make some more.

Yeast Starter

Tomorrow I will be brewing a session IPA. See the Brewtoad Recipe. It’s a simple beer.

Recipe originally from here. But this recipe is convoluted, so this post summarizes the steps. I’ve also adjusted the recipe slightly to remove the ginger chunks from the tea.